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5 reasons every child should take Drama lessons at Players

When I grow up I want to be a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker. (But I also want lots of money to buy my huge castle where all of my friends, who are princes and princesses, can live, oh and all of their horses). Sound familiar?

Well, at Players that doesn’t really matter as I can assure you (or try to convince you) that your child will learn something during their drama lesson that they will carry through the rest of their lives.

#1 - Believe in yourself and build self confidence -

Ok, so this is something that we all want for our children, right? Through play, at Players we create our own imaginary worlds, allowing us to believe in our own ideas and act upon them. This may include taking lead of a group, to express and explain their imaginary world.

During drama classes I will often watch the shy kid slightly hiding behind the others and wait to see how using their imagination can instantly change their little personality.

The excitement of the human size jumping frog riding a motorbike that turns into a super plane makes little Tommy want to jump up and tell his story to the world.

And there you have it... little Tommy is no longer sat quietly hiding behind the others but believes in his own creative idea and wants to share it with the world.

#2 - Be in the moment and focus your mind -

Whilst imagining you have a piece of string going straight through the centre of your body, hold your head up high, stand up straight, ground yourself right into the floor and breath.

During many drama performance exercises and techniques we will stop to focus, to bring our beautiful crazy imaginations back into the moment before stretching them back out.

This will teach your child (and you too), to explore their logical mind alongside their creative mind.

#3 - Learn emotions and encourage empathy towards others -

Now then, I know you are probably thinking ‘how will my child learn to have empathy for others through a acting class’, but hear me out.

Over the last twelve years, I have seen so many children learn about new emotions during my drama classes, and most importantly how they feel and react when expressing those feeling.

We explore and learn about how to ‘act out’ all the emotions from, happy and sad to jealousy and admiration. This is naturally teaching them about that emotion, how it makes them feel and most importantly how to react in that situation.

Ok, Ok, we don’t want our children to instantly drop to the floor, hand on forehead, screaming, ‘my leg is going to fall off’ when they have a slight scratch on their knee, but we do want them to understand and identify these feelings.

Through this learning process children really take in and react to other children's feelings and emotions. Whist creating and exploring their own inner feelings, they notice and obverse their peers, leading them to assess the situation and offer their helping hand.

#4 - Finding your voice and communication skills -

Maybe this should be my number one, after all we all need to communicate in our own way. During my drama lessons I put a lot of emphasis on the use of the voice, not only how we use it but how we look after it and train it to do different things. Yeh, that’s right, when was the last time you exercised your vocal chords other than for speaking?

It’s all we ever read right now… healthy eating, healthy body, healthy skin, but when do we see healthy voice. However, to us at players this is huge news. It’s important to experiment with different vocal warm ups, encouraging our vocal chords to use different range and pitch.

No matter how stupid you feel, try this right now (go on be confident) - say the word ‘Art-ic-u-la-tion’, (the formation of clear and distinct sounds in speech), whilst moving your mouth as much as possible to ensure you look super silly.

Excellent, Well done! You have just completed your first vocal exercise. Now try it at a different volume (project your voice or use a stage whisper) and maybe even throw a different accent in there!

#5 - Making friends, working together and team building skills -

Ninety percent of my drama classes will start with a team building exercise, weather that is to share some news with the group in a dramatic way (also encouraging public speaking and confidence and revealing all of your secrets), or creating the shape of a teapot using everybody in the group who must be connected to each other in some way. Don’t forget your handle and your spout.

That’s just a taster, in fact I would say the whole drama lesson encourages team building skills as we create our ideas together, share them together and then act them out together.

A butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker!

Your imagination can take you anywhere and everywhere. It can allow you to explore far off lands and go on amazing adventures. And that is why I love my job, each and every day is different, each and every child is different and together we can explore the world from just one room.

Start your journey with Players now, we are setting off on a new adventure soon, don't miss it!

For more information on how Players can help your child achieve these five goals and more contact a member of our team now.

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